Google play music

Google Play Music officially shuts down and Youtube Music comes into play – Are you an audiophile or do you love listening to music. If so, you’re in the right place, as you should know everything about shutting down the Google Play Music app.

Finally, Google has determined that there is no reason to focus on two music streaming apps, Google Play Music, and Youtube Music. Thus, the technology giant ends support for Google Play Music and advises existing users to migrate to YouTube Music.

Transfer and Backup your Google Play Music data

Since you will no longer be able to play music using the Play Music app, there must be some way to get all of your data from the GPM app. The moment you touch the Play Music app, it shows a warning “Google Play Music is no longer available” and below are two display options.

To be precise, one of them is to transfer several things in the app, such as personalized playlists, paid subscriptions or user uploads to YouTube Music. On the other hand, we can back up your GPM personal data using Google Takeout, in addition to deleting GPM history or activity.

Google Play Music to Youtube Music

Google Play Music offline downloads issue

On many smartphones, the Play Music app comes pre-installed from the box and therefore cannot be easily discarded. If you have offline music downloads that you cannot access now via the GPM app, it also takes useless storage.

So, what is the solution now? Although you cannot remove the entire application, we can delete the application’s data to save some internal memory.

Is there a way to make the GPM app somehow work