PUBG mobile gets Karakin and Revamped Miramar Map

PUBG mobile to gets Karakin, Revamped Miramar Map and more features – The screenshot on Twitter revealed that the Karakin map will be added to the mobile version of PUBG with a new feature, Emergency Parachute. A recent screenshot shared on Twitter goes viral, the image shows that there will be some major changes to the PUBG Mobile version.

It appears to be a post from Discord, a PUBG community coordinator. Some changes include the map of Karakin and Miramar in PUBG. It is interesting to know that another novelty will be the “Emergency Parachute”. The changes will be seen in the coming months. There is no official clarity for the patch note. Check here the PUBG New State gameplay.

Karakin, Revamped Miramar Map and more features

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The Twitter account, PlayerIGN, which is actually known as an informant, shared Discord’s post, whose real name on Twitter, TheHappyWhale_. The image apparently shows the changes that will be implemented next season, especially in the PUBG Mobile version. The Karakin map that was developed for the PUBG PC will also be released for the mobile version. Although this is not a fixed change, the future will see some updates with it.

There are no clear details on the Miramar map, although it also undergoes some changes. The screenshot of the coordinator suggests that the work is under development, but there is no fixed date for its updates. The Miramar map, which is one of the biggest maps, was added to the game in 2018 and was subsequently attracted by all players.

The game will have another novelty that is the emergency parachute, but there is no clarity in the update. Thinking about how it will work, right? You can use it as a secondary parachute. If you’ve used the primary parachute, now it’s time to use the secondary parachute. The most important thing is whether we can use it in the main battle or not.

The screenshot also adds that the game team received feedback from players about the organization of matches and the mechanics of the drive-by. As the game is a sensation for all players in the world, it needs to be considered for all regions.

In conclusion, everyone wants a specific date when the changes will be implemented on PUBG Mobile, but there is no such clarity about that. At the same time, PUBG had a huge market in India. After banned in India, the company went through a major recession, but the hope of bringing the game back to the country has not yet been shattered.