New ‘Save Draft’ feature for Instagram to be released soon – An interesting feature will soon be launched on Instagram. The Facebook-owned company will add a new option that allows users to save unfinished stories as drafts. As we all know, the drafts feature is in progress so, with the new Instagram option, you can go back and complete the save draft stories later when it is convenient.

Save Draft for Instagram Stories

The new option is under development, but the image that leaked online explains how the feature would be. We see that there are three options in the screenshots – Discard, Save Draft and Cancel. This will allow users to save the story as a draft or discard it, or you can cancel and make a new story.

Story Draft for Instagram

Recently, in a tweet, Instagram confirmed that they were in a new option which is the story draft feature. They also added that users will be able to finish their unfinished stories with the new “Save Draft” feature. Most requested feature by users, the head of Instagram confirms via tweet the story draft option for Instagram will come soon. But the release date is still hazy and the app will finally have the ability to save stories in the future.

Shared by informant Alessandro Paluzzi, the screenshot suggests the appearance of the new feature. On a descriptive note, we can say that if the user does not want to keep the story, he can use one of three options. Instagram will show you a dialog box where you will get these three options.

As we see, the first option is obviously to discard the story, the user will not be able to retrieve it. The Save Draft instead of starting with a new one now, the second option will allow users to save the story, go back and finish it whenever they want. The third option is “Cancel”, which causes the dialog box to disappear. Last year Instagram added open the profile from QR codes.

Instagram has a draft option for posts and rolls, but not for stories. This feature will definitely add a new dimension. As the new option is under development, users will not get it now, the “save draft” option will be released soon.