Instagram QR codes

Instagram QR codes can be beneficial for business owners

All Instagram users can open their profiles by scanning the QR code of any camera app and not just Instagram. For business owners, this new feature is quite beneficial, as they will be able to print their QR codes or send them directly to potential customers. When the code is scanned with any third-party camera application, it must take customers directly to the user’s Instagram account, which they can follow, verify information, or browse.

Instagram’s Nametag feature was the same, but it was just internal QR codes that could be read via Instagram. A popular Snapcode option has been on Snapchat since 2015, through which users can add friends using the phone’s camera. Likewise, for WhatsApp Business, the QR code was made available by WhatsApp, allowing users to chat with a sales representative. Instagram chat messages recently merged with Messenger

Instagram QR

Steps to generate Instagram QR code

A QR code can be generated by accessing the Menu option on the Instagram profile and clicking on the QR code. If the Nametag option is seen, instead of the QR code, it means that the update has not been reached and is yet to come. Before reaching all users, the new feature is likely to be rolled out in stages and this may take some time.

The background can be customized by users by clicking on the QR code option, which is similar to Nametag’s working feature. The background can be chosen from the available colors or an emoji pattern can be chosen.

A selfie can be clicked by users, which can be used as a background pattern and can be personalized just by touching an emoji and choosing it as a prop. Once completed, it can be saved or a screenshot can be taken and sent to potential followers, or it can be printed.

According to a report by Verge, this feature was launched in Japan last year 2019. Any supported third-party camera application can scan these QR codes. A photo of the Instagram QR code can now also be taken from a standard phone camera.