shut down yahoo groups

Yahoo Groups to Close down in effect from December 15 – Yahoo, the company owned by Verizon, is ready to make the crucial decision to shut down Yahoo Groups, launched 19 years ago. The company’s decision came on October 12 that Yahoo groups would not function after December 15, 2020. Yahoo mail and other services are not going to impact with this yahoo group shut down.

The reason behind Yahoo Groups Shut Down

Google has gained a ton of users in recent years, while the case is just the opposite for Yahoo. Although Yahoo was very popular with Internet users at first, it gradually started to lose its base, and eventually, this led Yahoo to close its Yahoo Groups, as users stopped using their email group or have changed to others. Eventually, it is not worthwhile to work on a resource that is not being widely used, as it would clearly need human resources. According to Yahoo, the judgment was difficult as they stated that “it does not fit our long-term strategy”.

How will this process take effect

If someone is using the Yahoo Groups service, it will be impossible for any user to send or receive messages on it as of 15 December 2020. In addition, if someone is unaware of this fact and is still trying to send messages without knowing it, they will cause an error message to be displayed due to the discontinuation of this service. That aside, no new groups will be created as of October 12.

What should Yahoo Groups users do now

Since the company is closing its group correspondence service, at the same time it recommends current users switch to some of the popular products, such as Nextdoor, Google Groups, and Facebook groups. According to our recommendation, you should make better use of Google Groups as it is easy to use and nowadays everyone maintains a Google account for different needs.

How to get the list of members of any Yahoo group

We will guide you to extract the set of all members of any Yahoo Group, as long as you are an admin of that group. Follow the steps below carefully to do the same.

  1. Go to the Manage Members section.
  2. Touch the Actions menu to proceed.
  3. Finally, you will see an Export option and after clicking on it, everything is ready.

Please note that it is recommended to disable the pop-up blocker extension or option in your browser before following the steps above.