videos removed by Tiktok

TikTok is preparing to make a separate company for the US – Oracle is preparing to become a small stakeholder in TikTok to bring it back to the United States. Due to China’s relationship with TikTok’s proprietary company, ByteDance, the U.S. government has finally decided to ban the application for security and privacy reasons, predicting that it could result in a national threat.

Although TikTok is mainly based and operated in China, one more thing to consider here is TikTok’s separate headquarters in the United States, which operates independently to some extent. Therefore, Oracle is expected to work with Tiktok headquarters to resolve the ban issues.

Basically, they would be implementing new techniques, such as being able to store user data such as their email ids, phone numbers, photos, etc. on a country’s own server according to the guidelines of the United States Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) this would certainly ensure more security compared to TikTok’s previous China servers.


We can expect to cancel Tiktok very soon, as the company has already issued new information on hiring more employees for the company that suggests the efforts of Tiktok and Oracles to make the TikTok app available again to its lovers.

As per the report, Oracle is working with US government officials, as well as with the company TikTok, to do the necessary things and find a perfect solution so that Tiktok can again bring back its operations in the USA. However, it is still unclear what exactly changes Oracle will bring to the application, whether they are related to UI changes or just fix security issues. The main thing is to improve security and keep user data safe so that there is no concern among people.

In short, Oracle is doing its best to bring a smile to the face of the Tiktokers, but it will obviously still depend on the government official if they are in agreement with the new application implementation system in the United States.