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New PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20 Update: Snowboarding, New WP features and more – PUBG Mobile Lite has gained a lot of popularity, as has its older brother, PUBG Mobile. It has already exceeded millions of downloads in the Playstore. Recently, PUBG released a new 0.20 update that comes with numerous improvements and new features. PUBG mobile India plans to relaunch in India.

All about PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20 Update

New Snow Location in Varenga

The 0.20 update comes with a new snow castle in Varenga, where you have fun with your companions and take the fun to the next level. In addition, the snow-covered area is filled with items such as weapons, items to play, health kits and more.

Cool Snowboarding Add-on

In addition to driving cars and bicycles, the game now allows you to snowboard in the snowy area, which will make the gameplay more interactive. Now players don’t have to run in the snow, instead, they can slide with the snowboard.

New Christmas-style lobby

The patch notes say that the same update will introduce a new Christmas-style lobby that is not yet available. Most likely, it will come close to the Christmas season, as the theme of the rumors shows a Christmas tree flanked by many surprise boxes. If you try to find the new lobby in the inventory as you would during Halloween, your attempt will be in vain.

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Spawn Island with Winter Theme

Keeping the winter-themed lobby and castle aside, we will welcome a new spawning island with snow everywhere, as we see in winter. Apparently, you will find a huge gate made of white snow, as well as a small castle next to it.

Throwing egg

As in previous updates, we have a new one that can be played on the spawning island, that is, an egg, to make the spawning island more fun. You can play it on random players for joy.

Enhanced map marker

In addition to the existing marker, a new marker featu