Android 12

Andriod 12 features, pros and cons – It was mid-October and there’s great news coming from Google; finally, the company is fully prepared to release the Android 12 operating system. Customization improves even more and you’ll get some new tweaks in this release. There are compact notifications, improved adaptive loading, some new press-and-hold button options, and much more.

Android 12 release date

The latest Android interface is unveiled on Google IO 2021, along with the new Pixel lineup, while on October 4th, the company also released the Andriod Open Source Project (AOSP) for Android 12. Although there are still uncertainties about the official release date, companies like Samsung, Realme, Oppo, etc., have started to compile the new interface into their custom interface. So it’s more likely this month or maybe next month when Android 12 is expected to launch.

Android 12 new features

  1. Improved scrolling screenshots – The improvised scrolling screenshots features ​​allow you to take better sized screenshots without any hassle, plus you can edit and crop as you need.
  2. Material YOU and revamped UI – Now, you can set the UI background according to the shade of the wallpaper to make the UI more engaging. On the other hand, customizing the choice of different clock patterns is also presented in the update.
  3. Quick Tiles – For the top three Android updates 9-11, the most significant UI change has occurred in Android 12, while one of the most noteworthy changes is Quick Tiles for convenience.
  4. Notification improvements – you can customize the notification bar according to your need, while a new element that deletes all notifications in one swipe is also added.
  5. Privacy and security improvements – In the previous generation, you had less access to the permission section. But with this update, you can precisely improvise your phone’s privacy and security. For example, you will now have options to mask your current location for specific apps.

Andriod 12 Pros and Cons

Down below you can see the list of pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages) of the Andriod 12 OS.