New YouTube command feature along with shopping from videos – YouTube continues to add new and innovative features to its video streaming service in order to provide its users with a satisfying and reliable platform. This time, the United States based company YouTube is preparing to incorporate an auxiliary voice command add-on.

If you are wondering if it is similar to what was present near the search bar, you are wrong. In fact, through this new option, you can take control of the playback of your video and even more just by speaking with your smartphone. In addition, one of the biggest reasons to appreciate this new feature is its ability to handle multiple native languages ​​without complications. With this local language support, it will basically expand the use of the voice search option, which was previously restricted to English only.

Moving forward, the main aspect of this command feature is that, if you want to explore multiple sections of the YouTube app or website, this add-on comes into the game to solve it. On a special note, thanks to YouTube for finally attaching HDR playback support for live streams in the previous month for more animated and engaging visuals.

Switching to our next versatile feature, it is suitable for those who enjoy online shopping. If you love watching product reviews and unboxings on YouTube, then we have good news for you that, from the day we launch this feature, we will be able to buy similar or recommended products directly from YouTube video without being redirected to third parties. However, as the reports suggest, this feature is in beta version and available primarily to selected users in America.

Suppose a Youtuber who wants to sell his merchandise must put it on his own videos so that interested buyers can buy or shopping from YouTube videos. Ultimately, this feature will be useful for viewers to find their interested products.