YouTube shows ads on videos without offering revenue sharing – According to the new terms of service, youtube channels that are not part of the youtube partner program can show ads. Under YouTube’s terms of service, the new channel brought in to serve ads that were initially applicable in the U.S., but by the end of the year will be applicable globally. In its new terms, youtube said it will not pay any part of its ad revenue to YouTube creators to serve ads on their videos unless they are part of the youtube partner program.

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Small YouTube channel shows ads on videos without getting revenue

The new terms of service were updated by youtube in their forum post. The channel that is not part of the youtube partnership program, youtube will still display ads on the videos of that channel without giving any share in the profits.

YouTube creators who are part of the YouTube partner program earn a share of YouTube ad revenue. However, the small creator whose channels have not been approved for monetization will not receive any revenue under the new rules.

To qualify for the YouTube partner program, the video creator must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months. After completing this milestone, YouTube channels are eligible to monetize videos.