WhatsApp New Feature Let You Control Who Can Add You To Groups

WhatsApp’s new updated Terms of Service and Privacy policy – As of February 8, 2021, WhatsApp is ready to make some significant changes to its terms of service and privacy policy, as notified to its users a month earlier. One of the crucial things to note here is that if you do not accept the updated terms and conditions, you will no longer be allowed to use this essential online messaging application.

To make this very clear, WhatsApp decided to notify its users through a pop-up as soon as any user opens the app. You can read the complete changes by clicking on the links in the notice in the application.

Speaking in detail, the company explained how and what user data they collect to improve their service. From now on, they will not hesitate to take control of their transactions made through Whatsapp Payments.

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WhatsApp Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

In addition, we must thank the company for storing our messages in an encrypted format on its servers for better privacy. The company announced the incorporation of Facebook products that can impact the user experience, especially for companies that use this service. Also, note that even the various parameters of your cell phone, such as battery status, IP address, location, etc., can be accessed by the Whatsapp team for other technical reasons.

Fortunately, your device’s location does not need to be shared automatically, unless you grant permission to do so. Therefore, at the end of the day, you have no choice to accept these new changes, otherwise, as of February 8, you will not be able to use any WhatsApp service.

In addition, according to some reports, WhatsApp may start showing ads to earn revenue from its most popular messaging app. In fact, Facebook messaging services, such as Whatsapp and Messenger, have been accused by Apple’s privacy labels of collecting a large amount of data using mobile app permissions.