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The upcoming WhatsApp feature will allow the Android user to use different wallpapers in their chats

WhatsApp news feature will allow different wallpapers in Chats for Android – A new wallpaper feature is being worked on by WhatsApp, where users will be allowed to choose different backgrounds for different chats, based on the theme that is used in the app. A beta version of the previous iOS identified this new feature and now even for Android users, a new wallpaper feature is said to be in development.

The development was spotted in the beta version of WhatsApp v2.20.199.5 for Android. This feature will not be available to users, even if the beta version is being used by them, as this feature is in development. WhatsApp is expected to release the feature for everyone’s future which is currently available for beta users.

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The new wallpaper feature in WhatsApp v2.20.199.5 beta for Android has been identified by WABetaInfo. According to a report on WhatsApp features, when a default wallpaper is chosen by users, in the app, users will be asked if the WhatsApp Wallpaper app needs to be downloaded by them.

This is an official WhatsApp application where wallpapers will be available for the social messaging platform, according to the report. Last updated in 2011, Google Play has this app listed yet. Once a new wallpaper feature is live, this app will probably be updated by WhatsApp with more options to choose from.

As mentioned, users will be allowed to choose different wallpapers for different chats through the new Wallpaper feature, just like what was seen on iOS. According to WABetaInfo, for Android users, the availability of this feature will be in a future release however, there is no clue as to the exact deployment schedule.

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