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WhatsApp makes it easy to manage storage space and delete unnecessary files

The storage usage section of your chat app is being redesigned by WhatsApp with a list of options with storage being easily organized and unnecessary files being deleted, which have been shared or forwarded by users. Although the new storage tools have not yet been enabled by the messaging app, a screenshot has already been leaked, to give you a hint about what’s going on behind the scenes. In the coming days, the redesigned Storage Usage section will arrive on the WhatsApp Android app. However, similar treatment is expected to be received by iPhone users in the coming days.

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To give users a glimpse into the Redesigned Storage Usage section, the screenshot showing several new offers in place was shared by the WhatsApp resource tracker WABetaInfo. Details on the amount of space that media files consume when sharing on WhatsApp are provided by the storage bar at the top. In addition, a suggested cleaning option that lists forwarded and large files in a thumbnail view is displayed in the screenshot to get users’ review and delete them to get free space.

The storage usage section with dedicated options for large files and forwarded files was being redesigned in June, for which WhatsApp had previously been located. However, it may have been decided by the Facebook-owned company that a thumbnail preview should be brought in, as the previous design was not as interactive.

Whatsapp storage usage

It is also being shown in the screenshot that the existing view of the list of individual chats – organized according to their storage size, would be maintained by the Storage usage section. Search functionality in any specific chat to be searched in the list is also suggested.

In the Storage usage section, new features are currently under development and are not even available to beta testers, according to reports from WABetaInfo. The WhatsApp app for Android shared the screenshot. However, it is likely that the redesign will be provided to the iPhone client along with its Android counterpart. What changes were seen in the screenshot, some of them will take effect because the development has not yet been prepared for the release.

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