Vivo iQOO 8 Pro

Vivo iQOO 8 and 8 Pro Review, Pros and Cons – The iQOO line is specially designed for game-centric users and also offers exceptional support. The company recently launched its iQOO 8 series smartphones which offer impeccable flagship-level gaming capabilities. There are two entries in the lineup, the first is the Vivo iQOO 8 smartphone and the other is the top-level Vivo iQOO 8 Pro smartphone.

Unfortunately, both devices are currently available in China, but there is little hope that they will appear globally. They were unveiled to the world in August 2020, about 7 to 8 months after the release of the iQOO 7. But the company updates the spec sheet on paper and, in terms of features, you’ll get tons of new stuff. Let’s start with a detailed review of the Vivo iQOO 8 and 8 Pro smartphones.

Vivo iQOO 8 and 8 Pro Review