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Use Huawei Search and Huawei App Store – For more than 9 months Huawei company products are banned in the USA. The conflict between the Huawei brand and the USA government lead this ban. The effect of the ban is that the support of Google products, apps, and other support company’s products will not be viable in newly featured Huawei phones. To mitigate the impact, Huawei has crafted its own Huawei search engine, Huawei app store, and OS which is similar to Google products.

Huawei Search (App search engine)

A few days ago, Huawei released its own search engine which is called Huawei SEARCH. This app is currently available in the Huawei app store. we weren’t able to find this app in google play store.

The app is in beta version So, there are chances of many server errors. From various sources, we find out that the search server works very well in only a few countries like – Spain, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, etc. On the other hand, it has a long list of countries where it’s search serves didn’t work properly yet.

How to use Huawei Search and Huawei App Store

What this Huawei Search Offers

The Huawei SEARCH offers a decent UI for the users. This is probably a local search engine. The homepage is pretty much basic for the search engine. It has all the thing that is required in the native search engine. The app is a beta version so there are some issues.

In this local search engine below the search box, there are four-choice given by default weather, sports, unit converter, and calculator. all this function works efficiently well and gives accurate information and news.

The sports section of the search bar works according to your region, if your region comes under France, Chile, Spain, etc, you will get the latest news, stats, match information, live score, and many more thing related to the sports world. On searching something, it gives the moderate result page. Just like other search engines, it has all, video, news, and images section.

There are three tab section given below, from left to right, first is discovering news feed section, next one is the Huawei search section, and the last one is the personalized setting section.

  • Discover section – In this section, you will get the news feed and previously searched information and website. The news feed will show you the random and popular stuff for the starter. But, when you venture into the app, you will get a news feed according to your choices and preference.
  • Search section – In this section, you can search for anything in the search box. There will be a recent search list as well as your top search list information. Below that, two option box is given. One option for view full history and other is for the customization of search bar list.
  • Personal section – In this section, you will see your HUAWEI ID at the top. Other options like – search history, settings, reference and about. In the settings option, you can select your region and language according to your preferences. For children’s safety, the safe search option is also given.

Huawei Search Performance

The overall performance is average for now. The loading speed of pages is very low due to the lack of numbers of servers. For that reason, there is a lack of connectivity. The user test is happening on the newly developed search app soon there are chances of improvement.

Huawei App Store

After the ban, the Huawei company’s only purpose is to create a dedicated app store. For that company launched its Huawei apps store and other apps to increase user interaction, the in-built apps are suitable for Huawei phone users. The Huawei search app is now available in the Huawei app store.

Can you use Huawei Search and Huawei App Store in other phones

At the moment, we are not sure if you can use Huawei App Store on another smartphone but you can download the Huawei search apk, still under internal testing and not launched publicly. Google is trying to restore the license to Huawei and has requested a U.S. Department of Commerce that gives Huawei users worldwide access to Google software and services.


Huawei users are forced to use only Huawei apps and services which are replaced by google. Although, the company has a big name in the industry. But, for them, it not an easy task to make a perfect search app like Google. Google is working for many years. Huawei Search isn’t that powerful compare to Google and other search engines for now. There is a noticeable impact on the search app due to a lack of servers. The app efficiently works with the newly launched services app of Huawei. It is the replacement of google for the Huawei users and it is in the initial phase. It is also a company next-step toward independence to Google.

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