Tesla Pi smartphone

Tesla Pi Specifications, Release Date and Price – For a few months, the rumors of the Tesla Model Pi smartphone have been floating on the internet, especially on Twitter. In general, the stories suggest that Elon Musk is working on the next-gen smartphone with some outstanding yet unexpectedly great features. But, does this phone is actual or just another gimmick? Has the company made any move to launch the Tesla Pi device? Or maybe it’s a trick to grab the attention of the tech enthusiast? Know everything about when the Tesla Pi will release date, the price, and primary specification.

Elon Musk is one of the entrepreneurs that work on creating something impossible possible, and that mind-blowing personality might also be visible in the upcoming Tesla Pi smartphone. If someone other might have thought to release this kind of phone in 2022, it may sound fake! Nobody takes these bold steps, but when Elon Musk is associated, there’s a high chance it can be true.

Several fan theories or the revealed features are present about this piece of tech, which is also trending on the internet rapidly. If those theories become a reality, the smartphone industry and the internet will definitely go wild. Here are the reasons.

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