Huawei Y7a

Huawei Y7a Review, Pros and Cons – The Huawei smartphone may not have Google services, but they technically develop a completely new system for users and feature Huawei’s own AppGallary. Huawei Y7a is one of those examples of a features smartphone, which dramatically expands its fit.

Huawei Y7a smartphone is a prominent device along with the latest technology and combines a brilliantly realistic design in appearance and attractive features from the inside out. But in terms of general specifications, the Huawei Y7a, this phone is the right choice if you’re looking for a decent mid-ranger device and don’t expect Google services.

Huawei Y7a Review


  1. The power-driven by the company made Kirin 710A, which uses 14 nm architecture.
  2. In the camera section, the Huawei Y7a features a 48 MP quad-camera setup and the additional support comes through an 8 MP selfie.
  3. In addition, it includes a 5000 mAh battery combined with the 22.5W Brick.
  4. The starting price of the Huawei Y7a is around 190 USD (18,500 INR).

Design and Display

The matte surface design looks quite surprising and provides a fabulous, elegant look through the color option – Crushed Green, Gold Gold, and Midnight Black. In that, Blush Gold is a more likely blend with a premium look, and the counterpart colors are also decent and feel great in your hand.

Of course, being a flagship smartphone, the Huawei Y7a appears to have a huge 6.67-inch IPS LCD, which features the fingerprint reader in the side frame. But, you have to adjust for that – if you were previously using a phone with a rear-mounted fingerprint reader. In addition, you will receive an incredible Full HD + resolution inside the screen.

Memory and Internal

The features of the EMUI interface are unique and can be considered simple to use. There are different customization options and features that are designed to enhance the user’s journey through the use of the phone. The most notable thing about Huawei phones today is the AppGallary provided, where you will get all the apps, games, and tools for your phone.

Now talking about the real thing – the inside. The Huawei Y7a offers a medium-performance Kirin 710A chipset under its hood with the additional graphics configurations of the Mali-G51 MP4.

With this configuration, you can play state-of-the-art games in a medium environment, while daily use of social media would be adequate. In addition, 4 GB of RAM is placed inside so that you can use 64 GB or 128 GB storage. There is also dedicated memory storage for you to expand your device’s space limitation.


Apparently, Huawei’s smartphone camera sets were designed to render images and videos with tremendously good quality in all situations. It can also be said for the Huawei Y7a, but with a little twist.

Since the standard internal hardware and components used in the phone are quite adequate and in any condition, they will not be able to provide the night mode at its best potential. In terms of daylight settings, the overall image saturation of 48MP along with the exposure used in the image is adequate.

On the other hand, the secondary section of the camera integrates the same line as the old school 8M