Google Maps Has 2 New Features For IOS and Android

Google Maps has new features for IOS and Android soon this feature will help people from ignore speeding tickets

As per a report by Mashable, the US web search giant has affirmed to them that google maps will demonstrate speed cameras on its versatile application.

“Speed camera will post for clients in the UK, US, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India and Indonesia.” Further US, UK and Denmark will get speed breaking points of the courses that clients take.

As of late google presented auto rickshaw as another open transport mode to its google outline on android gadgets. Utilizing the component. suburbanites will have the capacity to see proposed courses and the evaluated auto-rickshaw charges in the google maps. The new component can be found inside people in general transport and taxi modes in google maps.

google maps speed camera
when the workers pick the auto-rickshaw as the best method of transport, they will be likewise to see the evaluated cost of the adventure and the course traffic data. To begin the excursion, one basically needs to tap explore. A similar alternative can likewise be gotten to through the taxi mode on google maps.
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