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Google call may be the new phone name for the Google App, its redesigned icon has been seen online – It is possible that the Google call is part of the redesign of the Workspace brand, which will bring new icons and functionality to the G Suite.

The Google calling app can now be called Google Call. This information was brought up by a YouTube ad. However, it cannot be downloaded, the application will receive a new logo along with four colors from Google, and with its ID functionality, you can get an idea about the caller on the other end of the line. Google Call will basically be a redesign of the Phone by Google app, which tends to have the caller ID feature.

Google Phone App – Rebranded to Google Call

Google call App

It was first detected by a Reddit user, the ad featured a calling app with the name Google Call at the top, along with a four-color Google icon. He exhibited the functionality of the Caller ID, which is also a feature of the Phone by Google app that is present on the Play Store. The ad included a link to install the Phone by Google app. A report submitted by 9to5Google stated that it could be part of the redesign of the large Google Workspace.

Several new features have also been added to the Google phone application. Includes verified calls made to business users who can inform users of the purpose of the call along with obtaining a verified tag. It increases the likelihood that the call will be answered.

Previously, in October, Google had announced the branding of its G Suite for the workspace, along with new icons for Drive, Documents, Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Meet and Keep. These icons will have the same four colors and a similar design pattern. Speaking of the phone by Google icon, if it becomes a makeover of the brand, it will be placed in line with the new workspace icons.

So far, Google has not revealed any details about the brand overhaul or whether it plans to do something like that or not.

Google Workspace tends to bring tools such as chat, voice and video calls, and emails in a unified location. The ability to collaborate on a document in a room or to see people in a meeting while collaborating on Google Meet picture-in-picture and several other features have also been added.

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