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Chrome Android v89 version improves page speed and performance – Google has released the latest version of Chrome 89 for Android and Windows 64-bit users with some fabulous features. The company made this announcement on Thursday on its blog. The latest version has some advanced features that will boost the performance of the web page. Chrome 89 will start and launch the browser 13% faster than before. Google added ‘Freeze-dried tabs’, which will help you load tabs faster from a previous session. There is another feature called PartitionAlloc on Android, as well as on 64-bit Windows, updated for low allocation latency, adequate space usage, and security. The macOS updates have also been included on your blog.

Google said on its most famous Chromium blog that the latest version of the Chrome app for Android will increase the startup time by 7.5% faster, up to 2% faster page load, 5% improved memory usage, and fewer crashes due to a large number of resources running in the background.

Google Chrome v89 version improves performance and page speed

Google added that the new frozen guides for Android users will help to improve boot time by 13% faster. The lightweight version of the tabs at startup will also be stored until the original page is loaded behind the scenes.

For those using Android 10 with 8 GB of RAM or more, Mark Chang, Chrome’s product manager at Google, said that Google has rebuilt Chrome as a 64-bit binary, which will give it a more stable performance until 8.5% faster page loading and 28% smoother experience when scrolling a page.

Chrome 89 for Android and Windows 64-digit are seeing improvements in memory management using PartitionAlloc, which is Google’s own memory allocator. Chrome 89 for Windows leads memory management by up to 22% in the browser process, 8% in the renderer, and 3% in GPU enhancements.

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The responsiveness of the browser has also been improved by up to 9%. The organization is promoting the use of enhanced memory, using and discarding the memory that the foreground tab is not using, such as large images that you just rolled out. Chrome claims that it takes 100 MiB per guide. The company is also working harder to improve the macOS memory management system in the background tabs. The result witnessed an 8% memory savings.

In addition to this news, Google brings interesting news for Chrome users using Android with version 86. Users have a new feature that allows you to check a preview of the page before opening it by clicking on the link. It is also possible to group multiple tabs into one with this new feature. Google also announced that Chrome 89 will allow users to share on desktops and customize the feed, including more. Now it’s time to enjoy a new experience with the most renowned web browser.