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Youtube is testing new picture in picture feature for premium youtube user for iOS platform

A native picture-in-picture (pip) feature is being tested by YouTube on its iOS app. Users can watch youtube videos in a floating window while working on other applications. This feature had previously been enabled by the technology giant, Apple for its iOS 9 iPad users and iOS 14 iPhone users.

However, this feature was not supported by YouTube until now. The PiP feature is being implemented in stages, being in the testing phase and users can expect a public implementation soon.

The PiP feature, which is being implemented by the YouTube app on the iOS platform, is being posted by some Twitter users, according to a 9to5Mac report. This youtube pip feature is only working with some videos, which suggests that this PiP feature is currently in the testing phase.

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In addition, this feature is being tested with a small group of users, which is a confirmation made by the report. Keeping watching videos while working on other apps is a new way offered by youtube PiP. A video can be played by users in the youtube application on iOS and even when it is minimized, the video still continues to play in a small floating window on the screen.

Any other application can be opened and operated while the youtube video is playing in the floating window. However, the small problem is that users can only play videos in the background on YouTube with a YouTube Premium subscription. So access the PiP feature, a Premium subscription is required.

In India, the Youtube premium service plan starts at Rs 139 per month and a monthly subscription plan of Rs 129 per month can also be chosen for a month of a free trial. The ad-free viewing experience will be offered to users with a premium YouTube subscription with support for background playback and the YouTube Music Premium s