BLU J6 2020

BLU J6 2020 Review, Pros and Cons – The smartphone company BLU recently discovered several smartphones with fairly simple features and specifications. The most common feature among them is that they all offer good value for money. In addition, BLU devices offer tremendous value in America, they cover a large part of the entry-level market. Just like Infinix, which covers a large part of India’s basic market.

But in recent years, they have built a reputation that attracts more users to their products. One of them will be the BLU J6 2020 smartphone. BLU is more focused on bringing old phones, but with new features, and the J6 is an excellent example of this. Compare with its brother – J5L and J7L, who prepared for the same track, but did not have as much potential. As you analyze, you will understand why it is so much better than these two models.

The BLU J6 2020 reveals unrivaled features in the sensor, as well as in the battery department. In addition, the simple design is a key selling factor for this phone, and the price option is around $ 80. So, let’s start the review of the BLU J6 2020 phone with its highlighted specifications.

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BLU J6 2020 Review


  1. The device continues to enjoy its 4000mAh battery which can last for a full day.
  2. As for the phone interface, you will receive the Android 10 Go edition with stock settings.
  3. In terms of processing, the power goes up to 1.3 GHz through the quad-core configuration.
  4. It also offers an elegant and affordable design in a brilliant layout of blue, black, violet, and brown tonal options.
  5. The BLU J6 2020 features a pair of 8MP lenses available at the rear and front.

Design and Display

In a normal case, an economical smartphone offers only a simple design. But the brilliant design helps the BLU J6 2020 to stand out from the rest of the competition and set it to high standards. The color scheme is also quite decent, as there are several options from which you can select the perfect one. In terms of layout, the phone lacks corning glass protection, but the squircle island has improved the design differently. Below the camera plate is the fingerprint scanner for biometric authentication.

In addition to the rear panel, the BLU J6 2020 includes the traditional design of thick bezels. Although the setting is reduced to some extent. Still, the 6.0 inches flat LCD tries its best to reproduce vivid colors and contrast with its HD resolution limit. Usually, the phone works very well in broad daylight, thanks to the advanced brightness features.

Memory and Internal

When a company makes a cheap phone it reduces the processing capacity to reduce the price of the phone, and it is a very common occurrence. Now, speaking of the processing speed of the BLU J6 2020, it could be the story, as the power has been dragged to the bottom. With the quad-core configuration, the phone can only get speeds up to 1.3 GHz. It was even worse since the J6 only has 1 GB of RAM.

However, the BLU J6 2020 has 32 GB of internal storage, which is the largest we have seen so far, after reviewing the BLU C6L 2020 and BLU C5L 2020. With eMMC 5.1 memory support, it should increase t