BLU J7L Review, Pros and Cons – BLU smartphones come with fabulous features that cater to an exceptional user experience. Their expertise in a low-cost smartphone makes them a first-rate rendering in the entry-level market. The company recently launched some new devices in its J series, such as J5L and J6.

They also reveal the BLU J7L smartphone. It has a decent design with a great appearance that will attract the interested buyer at first sight. While the phone also enhances the mediocre quad-core processor in all other members of the family. But either way, the 3000 mAh battery pack provides a long battery life. In addition, the in-depth review of the BLU J7L phone will cover all the essential parts and provide you with the exact value of this phone.

BLU J7L Review


  1. The device arrives with a traditional look from the BLU J series. Still, what is remarkable about the phone is its 5.7 inches tall screen.
  2. On the other hand, a single 8MP camera configuration on the back just above the fingerprint reader.
  3. As for performance, the BLU J7L appears to have subtle power support at 1.4 GHz clock speed.
  4. The J7L features a robust 3000 mAh battery holder, and in the box, you will receive a standard MicroUSB charger.
  5. In terms of RAM and storage, a set of 1 GB of RAM paired with a space of 32 GB storage.

Design and Display

In addition to rendering the same color scheme as the C5L, the BLU J7L smartphone comes with a magnificent appearance, which is the blessing of the shade options – Blue, Black, Violet, and Tan. Like the previous model, the leather jacket for the rear panel was also deployed. In each tone, there is a simple, refreshing design that elevates the phone’s appearance.

In addition to the leather skin and the precisely designed fingerprint scanner layout, the front area comes with a raised 5.7 inches screen based on IPS LCD technology. With this setting, there is a great chance of getting an immersive viewing experience through the compact effect of sharpness and contrast of the screen. However, you may receive the benefit of brightness, as you will not be able to use your phone in the sunlight.

Memory and Internal

Nowadays, basic smartphones may not have that spark that the user wants. But in order to make a device at a low cost, the company needs to sacrifice some of the critical performance factors to get a decent product. Not only that, but the BLU J7L smartphone is also a great example of this. Although it has a low amount of hardware, it can only take up to 1.4 GHz of power with its quad-core processor capacity.

As for the software in question, the feature-rich set of Android 10 is deployed on the phone. You can play some lite games, like Miniclip and Gameloft games. But the UI does not allow you to cooperate with any other game. You can still squeeze and enjoy Google’s ecosystem services. There will be less bloatware to interfere with your smooth browsing experience.

However, performance is not an issue here, as the distortion will come with 1 GB of RAM. The lack of RAM will dramatically reveal the truth about the BLU J7L. On the other hand, if you use your phone only occasionally to see what your friends are doing on social media, it can work wonderfully. But, you can’t expect anything more generous than that. However, the phone offers the ability to store your precious documents and files in the 32 GB space without any problem. In addition, you can also expand storage through the dedicated MicroSD slot.