Windows 10x

Windows 10 Update to Bring Windows 10x Dual Screen Features – According to the report, the new update for Windows 10 will bring features that will allow the user to copy GIFs, emojis, and other content from the clipboard and paste into documents. Last year, at the surface event, part of the Windows 10x OS features were announced, which will be released soon. Before launching for dual-screen laptops, Windows 10x OS features will come with single-screen laptops, Microsoft said.

With this news feature, the user can copy GIFs, emoji, and clipboard content directly to e-mail, documents, and other messages. According to the report, this new copy and paste feature will come with the Windows 10 build number 20185 home page, which allows the user to access recently used GIFs, emojis, symbols, kaomoji, and search for a new one.

Speaking of the clipboard, the user can access and copy content such as images, HTML, and plain text. If the user does not want to use this feature, it can be disabled easily, but it is available on all Windows devices. Windows 10x is an incredible feature, but there are some limitations, as a maximum of 25 histories can be stored on the clipboard.

Windows 10x Dual Screen OS

Windows 10x Dual Screen OS features

The Windows 10 update can also come in the same way as Windows 10x and new action for a simplified experience, but it is not officially said when this feature will be released. Microsoft has said nothing that they will bring features from Windows 10x to Windows 10, but they will launch it for single-screen devices first. Basically this Windows 10x operating system was designed for dual-screen devices like Surface Duo.

The Windows 10x operating system is inspired by tablet and smartphone interfaces with a user interface on a home screen and another display for apps, websites, and search bar.