Microsoft Surface Duo

This year, Microsoft will be launching the Microsoft Surface Duo phone featuring a dual display screen with a 360-degree hinge along with a Surface pen. Surface Duo will be the first Android OS smartphone my Microsoft. Microsoft is also working on the Surface Neo, which is identical to the Surface Duo, the Surface Neo has a 9.8 inches screen whereas the Surface Duo has a 5.6 inches screen. We have some details about this Surface Duo device which would help us to understand whether it’s worth buying or not.

Microsoft Surface Duo Specification and Release Date

Surface Duo is still in development and it is being tested by the employees of the company. It is expected to launch with Android 10 out of the box and it might get the Android 11 update too. It is surprising to tell you that Microsoft will not be using the latest Snapdragon 865 rather it will use Snapdragon 855 as if it uses the 865 chip, it must use a 5G chip but the design was already decided.

Now, we have some information about the display that it will have two AMOLED displays of 5.6 inches having a resolution 1800 x 1350 pixels. You can use the Surface pen provided with this device to draw, make notes, etc.

Microsoft Surface Duo dual screen smartphone

As per sources, Surface Duo would come with a single 11MP camera which can be used for selfies also. It will be equipped with 6GB of RAM and an option of 64GB or 256GB for internal storage. There will not be an option for the SD card so as to expand the storage.

There will be a battery of almost 3500mAh which might support fast charging. Rather than using a micro USB port, Microsoft will use a Type-C port this time to feature fast charging capabilities. But there is no support for wireless charging, NFC, and 5G.

We have no information on whether there is some kind of protection on the display or not. Also, the dimensions are not specified yet and we don’t know about any kind of IP rating for Surface Duo. Microsoft will not wait much to launch this surface duo the same as Google Pixel 5, it is expected to release at the end of 2020, it would be really late as this device has last year’s processor, thick bezels, etc.

Microsoft Surface Duo Price and Launched Date

Update on 12 August: Finally, on September 10, the Microsoft Surface Duo, the first dual-screen Android phone, will be released. This phone was unveiled in October last year along with the Neo dual-screen tablet. The Surface Duo comes with two 360-degree hinged OLED screens, which we mentioned earlier, and also provides a separate surface duo SDK that helps developers to optimize applications.

The official price of the Surface Duo is around $ 1,399 (1,04,600 INR), which was revealed via the Microsoft blog. It is also reported that pre-orders for the Surface Duo phone start on the Microsoft online store from August 12, 2020. There is no official news for the global launch of this smartphone.

In addition to amazing features, the Surface Duo smartphone comes with enterprise-grade security based on Microsoft’s built-in UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). This phone can be connected to the virtual desktop cloud to use the full Windows 10 experience.

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