Realme 7

Realme 7 Global vs Asia Review, Pros and Cons – The Realme 7 series is one of the most anticipated smartphone lines around the third quarter of this year. Realme launched two variants of the Realme 7 smartphone one for Global and the other for Asia variants, but both come with a marginal difference in the camera department. Therefore, we thought about making a single article that covered the review of the Realme 7 (Global and Asia) variants.

In addition to the nominal difference between them, both models are adapted according to the respective market. Therefore, having a price difference is quite understandable.

Realme 7 Global vs Asia Review


  1. Realme 7 comes with a 90 Hz tall IPS LCD screen.
  2. The Android 10 operating system is compatible with the Realme UI for many customizations.
  3. The 12 nm Helio G95 chipset is provided for the user’s daily activities.
  4. For the global variant, it comes with a 48MP main camera, while the Asian variant has a 64MP main camera.
  5. The global and Asian variant of Realme 7 is compatible with a 5000 mAh battery power.

Design and Display

The design component remains the same and that goes for color options. Realme 7 consists of a brilliant design that inherits the trend’s rectangular camera board and handles the competition as it features the latest technology that has excited users more than ever.

On the bright note, the IPS screen comprises the 90 Hz refresh rate which provides a subtle gaming experience and, more importantly, increases the frame rate, despite being a medium-range device. On the other hand, the edge-to-edge frameless canvas is present in both variants with a decent aspect ratio of the canvas to the body to improve grip for a single hand.

Memory and Internals

The Mediatek Heli G95 gaming processor is intact to render excellent system performance and guarantee a perfect experience over a long gaming session, while the Android 10 OS based on Realme UI works without problems. But, the performance cores go up to 2.05 GHz, which is very sad, as it can reach even higher.

Even so, the game’s booster software cannot be easily compatible, as it dramatically reshapes the game-centered effects. In addition, the simple interface configuration makes you stick to the screen and you can make various customizations to the layout and adjust the system skin as desired. In addition, NFC support is only available in the Global and Indonesia version.

In terms of storage, Realme 7 (Asia) arrives with 6GB / 8GB of RAM paired with 64GB / 128GB storage, while the global model comes with 4GB / 6GB / 8GB of RAM combined with 64GB / 128GB and has the option for SD card support.


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