One UI 3 features

One UI 3.0 features, Pros and Cons – Google, Tech Giant, has started releasing its latest Android 11 update for its Pixel devices and, in the near future, will also be available for other devices running Google’s Android operating system for which a list has already been issued. To take advantage of it, Samsung comes with its modern One UI 3.0 with Android 11, which is updated from the recent One UI 2.5. Let’s see a detailed analysis of the new One UI 3.0.

When it comes to availability, One UI 3.0 is being rolled out to select developers who have the S20 series phone in the US and South Korea so they can test it for bugs and optimization issues.

After the UI exam, if all goes well, it can be launched to public users in some countries like Germany, India, the UK and others. Moving on, we’ll see the pros and cons of the definitive OneUI 3.0. Based on a YouTube survey, OneUI is the third most preferred UI after Oxygen OS and MIUI.

One UI 3.0 Pros and Cons

Down below you can see the list of pros and cons of One UI 3.0


  1. Firstly, it incorporates all essential features, as well as some exclusive Samsung features, such as Bixby, Samsung Pay, enhanced Samsung Dex, and many more.
  2. Although One UI 3.0 is quite similar to its previous generation in terms of appearance, on the inside several things have been improved and added.
  3. Samsung has made some improvements and adjustments to its own Bixby voice assistant, such as routines and other updates.
  4. In addition, the company has endeavored to offer the user a cleaner and cleaner experience now, making some changes to the visual department, such as enhanced icons, new blur effects, and faster animations.
  5. With Android 11, the custom UI integrates new features, such as a revamped volume slider, a nice media card when playing any song or video, a conversation section to view all messages, and more.
  6. In addition to the features of Android 11, the company features support for Dex wireless along with other features such as a double-tap on the home screen to lock, a changeable caller screen, etc.


  1. As of now, the latest OneUI 3.0 pre-beta is available exclusively for Samsung’s flagship S20 series in only two countries.
  2. In this pre-beta version, Samsung has not yet included the Google power menu controls available on Pixel phones.
  3. Themes are not available in the pre-beta version of One UI 3.0.
  4. The media card for playing music is still in error and does not respond correctly when changing songs.


In short, Samsung is one of the first companies to start testing its One UI 3.0 based on Android 11 and will therefore make it available to the public soon. Still, there is much to improve on the operating system with more bug fixes and optimizations.