Android 11 OS First Developer Preview

Android 11 Release Date, Features, Pros and Cons – In June, Android 11 beta was released and by the end of this year, a full public release will not be available until the end of the year. If people want, they can see the version in advance. Google Pay issues are fixed by beta version 1.5.

Since February, while developer views have given Android developer early access to Android 11, anyone in the Google pixel family with a pixel 2 or newer phone can download the beta and see what new features are ahead.

June 3 was the official Android 11 reveal date, but it has been postponed. In May 2020, this would have happened on Google IO, but it was canceled. The online beta version with a blog post was launched by Google.

In addition, Google is not confirmed with the name that Android 11 is the Android 2020 update. A list of smartphones with Android 11 updates has been announced by Google and Xiaomi, listed here. Google Pixel 2, 3, 4 series. Xiaomi Mi 10 Series and OnePlus 8 and 7 series.

Android 11 Release Date, Features, Pros and Cons

Android 11 Features

  1. The ability to control your smart home via the device’s operating system is one of the notable innovations in Android 11. A long press on the off button, the corresponding menu opens. Controlling gadgets connected to the Google Home page is much easier.
  2. Applications can be given permanent, one-time permission to perform different actions, such as location tracking or camera access. In addition, if the user has not used the application for a long time, despite the permission given for some action, it will be canceled.
  3. On Android 11, switching between multimedia devices has become easier and Google Home Speakers or Bluetooth headsets can be activated directly in the notification list. This feature is identical to the AirPlay icon in the iOS Control Center.
  4. The slightly changed familiar interface on Android 11 has become more similar to iOS 11. The preview window with the ability to edit, add comments, and send it to other users, can be seen after the screenshot.
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