New update to Chrome 88, removing support for Flash player and FTP

Google releases a new update to Chrome 88, removing support for Flash player and FTP – After a long reflection, the Chrome team finally took a step to launch a new update that will change the entire navigation procedure to a great extent. From security improvements to visual changes, the developers left no corner untouched.

Google Chrome Browser

New Update to Chrome 88

First, the dark mode takes a leap in terms of adaptability. From this update, you will be able to see improved user interfaces with significant, but minor changes. If we talk about support for PC, the edition of Windows 10 Chrome implements the dark mode in a complete way covering almost all the elements that appear on the screen. On Chromebooks, new features will arrive first, as the company prioritizes its own products first.

Google Chrome is getting rid of the obsolete file transfer (FTP) protocol that has remained with us for a long time. As of now, technologies are changing over time, and therefore we can no longer see FTP in Chrome which will give a performance improvement.

The tech giant hits the final nail in the coffin by expelling Adobe Flash entirely from its browser. About a year ago, Google banned the use of the software on the client side due to several problems.

In addition to these, your weak passwords can now be detected by the browser automatically and it will notify you to create a suitable one to stay protected in this online world. To be frank, the credential autocomplete support is really useful for users, as we may forget our password. In addition, Google’s trusted privacy support also comes into play here.

Keeping all security features aside, the new guide search feature takes ease of access to a single level. Beneath the sleeve, a lot of other changes land to make navigation more interactive, safe, and easy.

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