Google Maps Has 2 New Features For IOS and Android

Google Search Provides Full Coverage Feature to get more Context to News Stories – Google announced via a blog on Monday that its search results accommodate big news from several sources. Users get complex news topics as the news section becomes full of continuous updates. The feature that debuted in the Google News section in 2018 is now easier for anyone looking for information. There is a limitation of this full-coverage feature, as it is only available for mobile devices.

If someone is looking for timely topics, he/she will get articles like carousel forms at the top of the search results. Relevant news about Covid will appear there.

Google Search Provide More Context to News Stories

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They can also get the full coverage page by scrolling to the bottom of the “Top News” or clicking on the “More News In” option that appears just below the carousel. A new page will open where users will have opinions on the development of news content from different publishers. This helps to improve the section in a more vibrant way.

Google News product manager, Itamar Snir, said in the same blog post that the launch of this new technology will detect long-lasting news that lasts for many days, such as the Super Bowl for weeks or months, as demonstrated during the pandemic. He added that the Full Coverage page helps users find top stories along with explainers and local coverage content that can make complicated stories easy to understand.

After the launch of the Full Coverage feature, Internet users obtained a wide spectrum of news content, such as major headlines, videos, local news, frequently asked questions, and more, which attracted billions of users.

So, the AI ​​technique gave a new way to keep the information flowing steadily. It an