Google Photos

Google Photos Gets New Redesign, Logo and Features – To manage photos and videos, five years ago, people were struggling due to disorganized storage, specific photos were hard to find. To solve these problems, a new redesign for its unbelievably popular Google Photos app was announced by Google. Since then, this app was being used by more than one billion people each month. Google app was used by people when they felt nostalgic and want to reminisce, which was seen over the last few years. Google Photos has become more than an app to manage your photos, thereby becoming the home of your life memories.

Photos are made much simpler by Google. With far less empty space, photos and videos will be bigger on the page. A more prominent memories bar with a map view, because old photos and videos are more emphasized by Google Photos, which according to Google is one of the most beloved features of its users. The search and front center is brought by Google with a new three-tab structure redesigned google photos. Now you can transfer facebook photos to google photos.

Google Photos Gets New Redesign Logo and Features
  1. Photos – All photos and videos are in the main tab, but larger thumbnails, auto-playing videos, and less white space between photos can now be seen. A larger Memories carousel (more than that in a bit) can now be noticed at the very top.
  2. Library – The most important destinations in the photo library like Albums, Favorites, Trash, Archives, and more, are contained in the library tab. As per Google, people can also see their Print Store, where people can purchase printed products featuring their own photos if they are in the U.S, EU, or Canada.
  3. Search – Search options became increasingly important, as photo libraries got bigger. So to give quick access to the people, places and things most important to people, search front and center has been put. Also, a new interactive map view can be found more on that in a bit too. By tapping on the “conversation” button in the upper left corner, shared content can always be accessed by people.
  4. Map View – Since Google Photos was launched, an interactive map view of the photos and videos was launched, which was one of the most-requested features, as part of the new search tab. To explore the photos and videos of the hometown or somewhere on the road trip or across the country, people can pinch and zoom the photos. From your device camera, if the location is enabled in Google Photos, then those photos are always searchable by place.
  5. Memories – Google introduced the Memories to help people visit from the year’s passed. With 120 million people viewing Memories every month, it became the beloved feature. The best photos of people and their closest friends and family over the years, trips and even highlights from the last week are more types of Memories are getting added. The automatic creations from Google like movies, collages, animations, stylized photos, and more—from the “For You” tab (which is gone) are moved into Memories.
  6. Google Photo Logo – The Google Photos logo is getting slightly refreshed and simplified. The squared-off edges as well as the shadowed areas are gone. On both Android and iOS, the new, simplified Google Photos rolls out over the next week. Before they arrive on your device, sit tight.

Google Photos Turn off Automatic Backup from Third Party Messaging Apps

The automatic back up for photos and videos from messaging apps has been turned off by Google photos. The search giant shared the development on its support blog. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is the reason for this change, in order to “save internet resources”. The photos and videos that are shared via messaging, will no longer be backed up by the google photos App as per Google support page. However, this setting can be changed at any time, as per the post. Additionally, the folders that the users want to back up, can be selected by them.

List of Third-Party Messaging Apps

As per the reports by XDA Developers, a complete list in the teardown of the Google Photos app was noticed. Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Helo, LINE, Messages, Snapchat, Twitter, Viber, and Whatsapp are the list of affected apps.