Which one is better Blogger or Wordpress to start Blogging

Which one is better Blogger or WordPress to start Blogging:

what is Key difference between Blogger and WordPress, Which Is Best for You to start blogging

It is never past the point where it is possible to get into blogging, and beginning up a blog is currently less demanding than it’s at any point been. The most relevant choice at first is to pick a stage to construct it with – which regularly implies picking between Blogger versus WordPress.

Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger is a basic features that empowers you to make a blog and also publish and distribute your content online quickly.

WordPress on the other side is a full included Content Management System (CMS) for building sites.
In this article, we’re discussing self-facilitated WordPress. Both blogger and wordpress has its own remarkable upsides and downsides, which you need to know about before start blogging.

Today we are going to introduce you with Blogger vs WordPress. We’ll clarify how the two stages work, examine their relative advantages and downsides, and help you pick the correct one for your requirements.


Blogger is very simple and easy process to create your blog. First you need to create your account on blogger using google email.

You can browse an assortment of subjects to decide your blog themes appearance and design, give it a title, and pick a URL which will have blogspot added as far as possible, except if you pay for a domain. At that point, you’ll gain admittance to a basic dashboard.

on Blogger dashboard you’ll have the capacity to make posts, add pages to your blog, see and react to comments and perform other essential blog-related features. Whatever you include or change here will promptly be refreshed on your live blogsport site.


WordPress is A completely featured platform for all types of site. While Blogger is only for web journals, WordPress is completely Content Management System (CMS). A stage intended to enable you to manufacture your online content. In viable terms, this implies you can utilize WordPress to make almost any sort of site.

WordPress started life as a blogging stage. Like Blogger, WordPress is likewise free, despite the fact that it won’t host your blog. You have to pick a hosting plan and choose a domain name, after which you can introduce and install wordPress site.

When you do as such, you’ll have the capacity to get to your WordPress administrator dashboard. You can m