Facebook transfer images to Google Photos

Facebook’s new feature lets you transfer images to Google Photos

Facebook is discharging another new feature that will help you to transfer images and photos to Google Photos. The new tool is being released currently in Ireland, and will be release worldwide in next year 2020. Steve Satterfield, chief director of public policy and privacy at Facebook said that “For just about 10 years, we allow user to download their data from Facebook. The transfer image tool to turn out today depends on code created through our interest in the open-source Data Transfer Project.”

transfer images to Google Photos

This Data Transfer Project additionally incorporates for example Twitter, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others in future. Facebook says it’s beginning with Google Photos at first, different services to come in 2020. Facebook is trying to test the tool in Ireland, and it will update it dependent on feedback from its clients.

This new tool will be valuable for Google Photos user that don’t auto backup photos and images from their phones. In case you are a Google Photos and facebook user who does backup pictures, at that point most image posted on the facebook are already backup on Google photos.

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