Facebook is Updating Messenger with quote and reply

Recently, Facebook is testing the new Messenger “Face ID and Touch ID” unlock feature for its iOS user. Facebook Messenger user Face ID and Touch ID, when available the user must authenticate their identity before opening their inbox. Facebook started testing this feature and added an extra layer of security that allows you to unlock the Messenger app using the device configuration that protects your private messages. It is not announced when this new feature will be available to all Messenger users.

Facebook Messenger Face ID and Touch ID for iOS user

As we know last year, announced the Face ID and Touch ID lock for Whatsapp users, this unlock feature will bring the same experience to the Facebook Messenger app. This option allows the user to choose whether to authenticate only after a period of time or always when opening the application. There are several options for choosing the Face ID or passcode to access Messenger:

  1. After leave messenger
  2. 1 minute after leaving
  3. 15 minutes after leaving
  4. 1 hour after leaving
Facebook Messenger Face ID and Touch ID for iOS user

Currently, this biometric feature is being tested by a small team of Facebook Messenger users on the iOS platform, but the company said nothing when adding Face ID and Touch ID to the Android user.