Lava Z61 Pro

Lava Z61 Pro Review, Pros and Cons – Classic Lava smartphones may not be designed for gaming or a heavy workload, but they have the good built quality and, for years, they have produced entry-level devices suitable for their fan base. From time to time, Lava launches some exceptionally good handsets in the entry-level segment with a budget that fits the pocket of the average user.

Recently, Lava unveiled the Lava Z61 Pro phone which is a more or less moderate solution if you are looking for something that is capable of working well on calls and a little bit on social networks. Let’s find out more about the Z61 Pro.

Lava Z61 Pro Review


  1. The phone runs on Android 9 from day one without any guaranteed updates.
  2. A simple 8 MP main camera is placed on the backplate and a 5 MP selfie camera on the front.
  3. Speaking of battery, the Li-Po 3100 mAh battery is packaged and attached to a normal charging pad.
  4. A slim design body appears on the Lava Z61 Pro.
  5. It cost about $ 80 (6,000 INR).

Design and Display

As mentioned earlier, the Lava Z61 Pro features a slim body, although it has a large battery under its shell. The beautiful plastic back panel gives the phone a fantastic appearance and enhances some of its facial features with smooth and silky layout settings.

In addition, the 5.45 inches TFT LCD panel is designed to produce 720p HD+ resolution on the screen, and there are thick bezels around the screen, which somewhat resembles the old school layout, You can see LAVA Z66 advantages and disadvantages.

Memory and Internal

Android 10 based software is placed at the top of the phone’s interface, in which several features help you explore the clean but simple software skin. In addition, many customization options are available on the wallpaper and switch to shortcuts.

In addition, the octa-core configuration of the cortex with 1.6 GHz cloaking speed is integrated into the board to expand the daily use of social media and streaming content to its full potential. On the other hand, you have 2 GB of RAM with internal 32 GB support, which can also be expanded via the SD card.


The 8 MP single piece on the rear panel comes with the ability to provide video recording at 1080p resolution on papers, which may not be accurate, as things written on the spec sheet do not determine the original strength.

Although, in the case of the Lava Z61 Pro, it is admitted that you will see medium camera support and the 5 MP selfie port clicks at the same level of images and videos as the main camera.

Battery and Others

The Li-Po 3100 mAh battery can offer a decent screen time for more than six hours or even longer. In addition, the Lava Z61 Pro comes with a 5W charging block and uses a micro-USB 2.0 slot to power the battery.

The good news is that it is equipped with a facial identification feature that enhances the security aspect, while the downside is that we did not find any fingerprint sensors on the phone.