Best Themes for Android Smartphone

10 Best Themes for Android Smartphone in 2021 – This is a transition period for Android Themes, the phone had to be rooted in the past, in order to change-wide theming with dedicated theme store or, dark modes affecting every possible app on a phone contingent on whether it’s allowed by the app developer. The old ways like icon packs, third-party Android launchers, various wallpaper apps, and even some more hardcore stuff like widget and live wallpaper creators, work even today. A ton of things can be done and several app lists are required. The best Android themes are given below.

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Best Android themes for Android phone

Action Launcher

A great place for theming is Action Launcher and there are some basic theming elements. The colors of the launcher can be auto-customized from the wallpaper colors. Everything can be made pretty much user friendly, with a variety of customization options. A quick bar, smart sized icons, elements from Google Pixel Launcher, and Android 7.1 style app shortcuts. All kinds of fun Android themes can be done with this one and a little elbow grease. This is a rock-solid launcher app with a lot of customization options.