Best Themes for Android Smartphone

10 Best Themes for Android Smartphone in 2021 – This is a transition period for Android Themes, the phone had to be rooted in the past, in order to change-wide theming with dedicated theme store or, dark modes affecting every possible app on a phone contingent on whether it’s allowed by the app developer. The old ways like icon packs, third-party Android launchers, various wallpaper apps, and even some more hardcore stuff like widget and live wallpaper creators, work even today. A ton of things can be done and several app lists are required. The best Android themes are given below.

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Best Android themes for Android phone

Action Launcher

A great place for theming is Action Launcher and there are some basic theming elements. The colors of the launcher can be auto-customized from the wallpaper colors. Everything can be made pretty much user friendly, with a variety of customization options. A quick bar, smart sized icons, elements from Google Pixel Launcher, and Android 7.1 style app shortcuts. All kinds of fun Android themes can be done with this one and a little elbow grease. This is a rock-solid launcher app with a lot of customization options.

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Facer Watch Faces

There is an extensive theming system in Wear OS. The pinnacles of that are Facer Watch Faces. Thousands of watch faces can be found by other people. Designs can be uploaded and contributed as well, Gear S2 and S3 devices are supported by Facer. Theming apps with Wear OS and a little bit of work can make watches look as awesome as user’s phones.

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Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Two of the most popular Android keyboards are Gboard – the Google Keyboard. When it comes to theming, they are excellent Android Theme. There are more unique themes in SwiftKey along with seasonal themes and things like that. Gboard has a little more basic theming, However, there is custom theming available on top of the preset stuff in both keyboards. In terms of usability and theming, both Gboard and SwiftKey are the best. Moreover, both of them are free.

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Right now, two of the most popular theming apps are KWGT and KLWP. KWGT comes with a custom widget making feature. There are a ton of features and widgets can be made as the user wants. Google Fit, most sensor data, weather, and custom-made countdown timers are supported by this app. For more functionality, Tasker support is also there, as well as live wallpaper making feature is there in KLWP. A WYSIWYG editor is featured in it which allows users to create as they see fit. Many features are shared with KWGT, if a user wishes to go further, the KLCK custom Lock Screen feature is also there.

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This is also customization and is also a unique theme for android. A quick settings menu is given, the same as that in MIUI. Instead of down from the top, quick settings in this version comes up from the bottom. The colors and themes can be changed along with the icons and dozens of other settings are there along with full support for notifications and various sliders like volume for alarm and brightness.

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Nova Launcher

Probably the best launcher out and also excellent for Android themes is Nova Launcher. A ton of customization options is present. A pretty look can be given according to the user’s wishes. Moreover, icon packs, sub-grid positioning, color controls, a scrollable dock are supported by it. Google Play Store contains Nova Launcher Themes and some extra features are added in the paid version. A plug-in can be received by the user for adding notification badges on apps.

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Navbar Apps

SoftKey buttons of users are themed by Navbar apps. The basic functionality of Navbar apps is similar to Chrooma Keyboard. The color is changed for any app that is being used. Also, its color can be changed according to the user’s wish. A battery gauge, various images, and more are included in it. In case of future updates, for custom images, requests are being accepted by the developers.

However, when it comes to some Huawei phones, it doesn’t work. Most of the features in this app are free and all the features are unlocked, in case of the paid version. Another neat idea for the phone’s soft keys section is XDA’s Navigation Gestures app.

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A variety of wallpaper apps with really cool stuff comes in the app named, Tapet. Here, wallpapers are generated randomly with one of its many patterns by this app. With 100% customizable colors, users can choose from 100 different patterns. It also works offline and everything is generated on the user’s device.

There is a learning curve and the controls are not so user-friendly when users work with other apps. Some seriously cool, one of kind stuff can be found with this one. Some patterns can be accessed in the free version. All of the patterns are unlocked in the premium version. Minima and Victory da Home are some excellent apps included in this space.

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An above-average wallpaper app with a bunch of random images and artwork from random artists. This app is similar for wallpapers to Etsy and a ton of unique stuff can be found here, that can’t be found anywhere else. Here, the artists are given some earnings from the app, which is a great thing, done by Walli. The experience with a usable UI is rounded by it, along with a neat playlist feature for helping in discovering new wallpapers.

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One of the most popular custom widgets app with a WYSIWYG editor. All kinds of functionality, including weather, calendar events, battery, missed calls, various notifications, location, and more can be added into this. Tasker is also supported in this and Additional skin packs apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Widgets made by other people can be imported by users.

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From this article, you will find the best themes for Android, and if you are interested in any of them. Different people have different options of Android themes for their phones.

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