ZTE nubia Red Magic 5S

ZTE nubia Red Magic 5S Review, Pros and Cons – The ZTE game-centric series is completely perfect in its domain while maintaining high standards and providing a decent smartphone with intermediate specifications. This Chinese company has launched another excellent smartphone, “ZTE nubia Red Magic 5S” and it is appropriate to say that it is a full-fledged gaming device loved by technology enthusiasts as well as gamers.

Basically, there are no specific changes made by the company, there is only one update on the cooling fan and a better chipset on the board.

ZTE nubia Red Magic 5S Review


  1. The Red Magic 5S has an elegant game design that joins the usual high refresh rate.
  2. There are advanced game space features, which increase the limits in several folds.
  3. The Redmagic 3.0 interface allows you to expand games at a considerable rate.
  4. Pressure touchpads appear in the side corner with a touch sensitivity of 300 Hz.
  5. A Snapdragon 865+ chipset is placed in the system and handles Adreno 650 graphics.
  6. Although you don’t have to worry about the battery, the 4500 mAh battery comes with advanced fasting support.
  7. This device is now available globally and costs about $650 (approximately 47,999 INR).

Design and Display

ZTE may not have advanced any specific adjustments, but the high-level layout is entirely surprising in itself. In addition, the shiny body helps provide a premium feel in your hands, and the narrow bezels are quite impressive.

On the rear panel, you will see a triple camera, while the screen has picked up the fingerprint scanner under the screen due to the special features of the AMOLED screen and the front camera is attached at the top of the chin.

In addition, the 6.55 inches FULL HD+ resolution AMOLED display is integrated into the ZTE nubia Red Magic 5S and, like its younger brother, Red Magic 5G, has a 144Hz refresh rate for next-level gaming.

Memory and Internal

Here, you will see a slight increase in performance with the help of the Snapdragon 865+ chipset that supports the high-tech 144 Hz refresh rate and 8K video recording capability.

On the same note, this configuration can easily provide all the requirements of your daily task, as well as first-rate cores, it also helps to increase performance for complicated tasks. The game booster feature of the game box expands the range of the overclock and allows you to use the maximum output from the screen, processor and chipset.

In the storage unit, the internal space specifications reach 256 GB, which are viable for 12 and 16 GB of RAM. The basic variant comes with 8 GB of RAM and combined with 128 GB storage based on the type of UFS 3.1 memory medium. Although you don’t