ZTE Blade V30 Vita

ZTE Blade V30 Vita Review, Pros and Cons – Unlike the main ZTE variant, the ZTE Blade series handles the entry-level segment, and this high-end smartphone generally brings value-packed specs at a decent price. The company recently launched the ZTE Blade V30 Vita smartphone with extensive features and robust configuration options. However, there are some cut corners, making this phone a little cheap.

However, the ZTE Blade V30 Vita phone adds great value for the money you are investing. Hopefully, some updates have happened in sections like camera and battery compared to the partially supported the Blade V2020 5G smartphone. But at the same time, there’s nothing special that makes the phone stand out in the entry-level segment. With that said, let’s start the detailed review on the ZTE Blade V30 Vita smartphone.

ZTE Blade V30 Vita Review


  1. The phone offers a pretty decent 6.82 inches IPS LCD touch panel with a side-mounted security feature.
  2. As for the hardware section, the processing end handles the entry-level 1.6 GHz Octa-core chipset.
  3. Hopefully you’re getting a 48MP camera on the back with an 8MP selfie camera.
  4. The software end combines the goodness of the Android 11 default settings.
  5. For better screen time, the company provides a large 5000 mAh battery pack in the ZTE Blade V30 Vita.