ZTE Blade V2020 pros and cons

ZTE Blade V2020 Review, Pros and Cons – The ZTE brand not only provides products of vivid rage but also adds value to the brand with your device. This China-based company has been doing very well in the global market and has proven itself from beast-like gaming phones to very good standard phones for everyday use. In addition, ZTE is one of the leading brands in the manufacture of 5G handsets and a major supplier of 5G networks.

In addition to the Nubia gaming-centric series, the blade line also comes with a great smartphone known as the ZTE Blade V2020 smartphone. It is an upgraded version of last year’s Blade V10. In addition, the Blade V2020 compiles impressive statistics in the battery, performance, and camera department, which will be uncovered in the detailed review below. So, without wasting time, let’s get to the fundamental point first.

ZTE Blade V2020 Review


  1. Following the trend, the company features a tall aspect ratio design on a 6.53 inches screen.
  2. This ZTE Blade V2020 is coupled with a 48 MP quad-camera configuration to improve the dynamic range of photography and videography according to the standard.
  3. In terms of processing capacity, the Dimensity 800 5G chipset with 7nm technology integrated the system to provide ample performance.
  4. Coming to the battery section, the huge 4000 mAh battery is enough to run high-end games.
  5. The ZTE Blade V2020 smartphone is available exclusively in the USA.

Design and Display

Starting with the metallic design of the Aurora Glamor, the ZTE Blade V2020 comprises an aurora lighting effect when the rear panel comes across the reflection. It shows the high-gradient metallic layout with a premium class feel, although the phone arrives with an outdated fingerprint reader mounted on the back.

But somehow, the fingerprint sensor blends evenly with the layout of the rear panel and, in the end, gives it a beautiful appearance. Now, going towards the front face, the phone glows with a small dot-notch selfie camera, although it doesn’t take up much space on the screen. With this setup, nowadays, the 6.5 inches has become the mainstream standard size for the phone.

To be somewhat innovative, ZTE always tries to reduce the size of the bezels and provide a layout without a corner for the screen. T