xiaomi 12x

Xiaomi 12 Review – The Xiaomi 12 is a great phone that launched alongside its sibling Xiaomi 12 Pro and 12X. The trio brings immersive features that allow users to cross the limits of the previous-gen smartphone. As we all know the Pro variant arrives with exceptional features, whereas the Xiaomi 12 and 12x have some compromises here and there. But the overall value is great as you are getting flagship package features.

We have already covered the Xiaomi 12 Pro review, in which you will get some outstanding features that only this phone offers. For today’s review, we will find out does it is worth purchasing the Xiaomi 12, or you can get a better alternative. Read the following review to make the final call. With that said, let’s head toward the detailed review of the Xiaomi 12 smartphone.

Xiaomi 12 Review