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WhatsApp to delay the enforcement of its new privacy policies – At the time when Whatsapp decided to show a warning to its users about its new changes that were only for business accounts, a ton of users started to migrate to other secure platforms like Telegram and Signal. In addition, it gave rise to several unwanted conversations doubting Whatsapp’s privacy concerns.

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WhatsApp to delay new policies till May 15

In order to deal with all these ongoing problems, the popular messaging app company WhatsApp postpones the date on which the new condition would take effect to May 15, 2021. They used the help of their social media identifiers to inform their precious users about sudden changes like Twitter next to their official blog. In addition to these, they even transmitted this information through the ‘Status’ section on Whatsapp to prevent their users from fleeing to other rival chat apps for security reasons.

The Whatsapp team hopes to resolve the chaos by extending the effective date for further updates to its policy. In the meantime, the company plans to get rid of all rumors, spreading the real words to its users. However, people should also not trust anyone, but they should check the official Whatsapp website for more information.

Undoubtedly, you can count on Whatsapp, as it promises to store your messages in a safe environment that makes it totally safe for use. In addition, there is no sharing of essential data between Facebook and Whatsapp.

Misunderstandings such as account closure, insecure message encryption, Facebook access to user information, etc., have led to all the problems, from migrating to Telegram to objections to Whatsapp privacy concerns.

In short, you do not have to worry and can continue using Whatsapp without any hesitation, as the changes only apply to companies present on Whatsapp for better reach and recommendations. Again, even after May 2021, Whatsapp would be working the same way as before.