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WhatsApp Vacation Mode finally to come in new beta version to silence archived chat even when new messages are being received

Finally, WhatsApp Restarted working on Vacation Mode – The Vacation Mode work was restarted by the WhatsApp team, this feature gives options to users to silence archived chat even when new messages are being received. Currently, the ability to archive user chats is offered by WhatsApp, but upon the arrival of a new message, a notification is displayed to users.

Vacation Mode seems to disable the ability and work on this feature that had been reported a year ago but was later abandoned by WhatsApp. However, work on this new vacation mode has been restarted by WhatsApp, which is suggested by the latest Android beta update.

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WhatsApp v2.20.199.8 beta was released for Android user and the WABetaInfo report was looked into the code for discovering new features. After being abandoned as mention earlier, Vacation Mode was once again seen in development. This makes it clear that the feature will not be seen by users in the latest beta version.

As mentioned, chats can be archived by users in WhatsApp vacation mode when a new message arrives. A dedicated section for archived chats is present in this new version embodied in the most recent beta, where different parameters can be chosen.

Archived chats will be moved to the top of the chat list after this feature is active and the dedicated ‘Archived section’ will be displayed by tapping on it, where a new button called ‘Notifications’ is present. Two new options have been added to notifications, first is ‘Notify new messages’ and ‘Auto-hide inactive chats’. In a recent report, WhatsApp allows different wallpapers in Chats for Android users.

The behavior of archived chats can be chosen by the user when a new message arrives. For example, if ‘Notify new messages’ is disabled by users, even when a ne