WhatsApp New Limits On Message Forwarding To Fight Against Fake Information

WhatsApp privacy policy update: Everything you need to know – After WhatsApp’s announcement about the new privacy policy, the company has been involved in controversies. The update that would continue from February 8 has been postponed to May 15. The new update policy has already been criticized by users around the world. In its own terms, WhatsApp does not interfere with personal chats, but it does allow businesses to offer users a new personalized experience.

So the confusion is all over the world, some may have misinterpreted it. Issues such as the implementation of the policy, the timing of its implementation, what type of data will be shared and the effect if you disagree with the policy are not clear. Here is clear information about the policy.

From when Whatsapp’s privacy policy will be applicable

First, WhatsApp declared the new privacy policy in January and planned to make it applicable from February 8. But with the outrage of users around the world, WhatsApp was losing users to Signal and Telegram. The company tried to convince its users by providing them with some clarification about the new update. Eventually, they change the date for the implementation of Whatsapp’s new privacy policy until May 15, 2021.

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What kind of data will be shared when agreeing to Whatsapp’s privacy policy?

Since the first announcement, WhatsApp has already clarified the fact that the new update policy is aimed primarily at the business account. Once the user accepts the new policy, their data, such as phone numbers and transaction data, will be shared. The instant messaging platform said the new privacy policy will not affect your personal conversations with friends and family. Whatsapp added on its blog that it provides end-to-end encryption for private messages and does not maintain a history of calls and messages from its users.