WhatsApp New Feature Let You Control Who Can Add You To Groups

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will be available soon – The recent change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy will start soon. The company said users will receive a reminder to review and accept their policy for using the app. Acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp announced that it will display banners so that users from all spaces can read them comfortably. After some angry comments from users, WhatsApp delayed the launch of the policy change in January.

In its new policy, the company said users must share their personal data with Facebook to use the app. Users did not welcome this initiative. So, some of them turned to other apps like Telegram and Signal. WhatsApp delayed the update and started to convince people not to worry about this change, but work is still in progress.

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WhatsApp privacy policy coming soon

In its latest blog, the company announced that a banner will be displayed again in the coming weeks. They also stated that the banner will provide more information and transparency on the new terms and conditions. However, WhatsApp wants users to review and accept the new policy to continue using the instant messaging service.

On its blog, this platform has always reminded users that WhatsApp messages are encrypted from end to end. Businesses that are on WhatsApp will be practiced through this policy.

The company said in the blog post that Whatsapp charges the company to provide customer service for business rather than personal users. There are some shopping features available on Facebook so that it can directly display ads or business-related information on WhatsApp.

The company also said that even with limited data on Whatsapp, people are looking for safe and reliable apps. Therefore, their announcement already states that personal messages will be encrypted, but a limited amount of data can be captured by WhatsApp. The company will use this data to develop advanced features in the future.

Speaking of chatting with a business account, the company said that user data will be under control if they want to share phone numbers or block them. Phone numbers will not be shared with companies and, without customer approval, they can prohibit contact with users.

In its own terms, the new privacy policy does not expand its ability to share users’ data with Facebook. In this situation where other apps were gaining attention, WhatsApp also responded in its own words. Some WhatsApp competitors are saying they can’t see people’s messages, but without end-to-end encryption, it’s hard to say.