whatsapp multi device

WhatsApp allows users to mute the video before sharing – Android users have a new WhatsApp feature, now they can mute videos before uploading them. The billion-dollar instant messaging platform called WhatsApp added an interesting feature that was tried out through its beta version last month. Now, Android users can also take advantage of this feature. Users can mute the videos before sharing them with someone else, or they can mute the video’s audio before applying it as a status also. An Android user can get the update, but it has not yet been confirmed when an iOS user will have the same option.

WhatsApp confirmed the news through its official Twitter channel on February 27. If you are in the stable version of WhatsApp, you can take advantage of the feature. Make sure to update your version of Android to get the video feature without audio. But how can you be sure that the feature is enabled on your phone? One way to experiment is to send a video to someone or add a video to status. You will be confirmed about the appeal.

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How to mute videos before sending them via Whatsapp

After upgrading to the latest version of WhatsApp, select a video you want to share or set it to status. Select the WhatsApp symbol and choose a name and an edit page will appear on the screen. Look for the new speaker button in the upper left corner, just below the video frames. You can click on the speaker button to mute the video before uploading it and your mute video is now ready to be shared. You can unmute the video.

The company is gradually rolling mute video features to the global stage. The forecast is that you will get it at the end of next week. There is no clarity on the company side when iOS users will receive the same feature.

Support for multiple Whatsapp devices, which allows users to operate WhatsApp on multiple devices, is in progress. This feature has also been tried out with the beta version many times. Another new feature is in the testing phase that will allow users to log out of an account without deleting or uninstalling the application.