Whatsapp for tablets arriving with a new dual panel UI

WhatsApp launched its first version compatible with Android tablets last year, although it lacked a split view feature.

Whatsapp for tablets was nothing more than an enlarged version of the phone UI before introducing the dual panel view.

WhatsApp for Android has been redesigned for tablet users as it now features a dual-panel interface for tablets. 

Latest leaked images of the new UI, rolling out for those using the beta version feature the new dual panel view.

Dual Panel feature allows users to quickly switch between the active chats through the increased ease of access.

The chat list is always accessible on the left panel to quickly jump between conversations without hitting the back button.

With a focus on ease of access the dual panel feature has introduced support for the calls and the status tabs as well.

Beta version is rolled out to test new features to limited users and after a successful test run the new feature is to be launched officially for every user.

Usually new features get tested in the beta channel for weeks or even months before the official launch to mass users.

Users hyped enough to test the new build can easily opt for the beta program using the Google play store to test out the new interface before getting the official updates.

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