WhatsApp introduce QR code chat history transfer feature


WhatsApp has announced a new feature that makes transferring chats between devices easier

The new feature allows users to scan QR codes from older devices to quickly transfer chats and media

The process is more straightforward and secure, and the transfer happens only between the devices and is promised to be end-to-end encrypted as well

The feature only works between devices running the same operating system, so Android to Android or iOS to iOS

To transfer your chat history, both devices have to be on the same WiFi network

Open WhatsApp on the old device and go to Settings, then Chat, then Chat Transfer

You will see a QR code on the old device. Scan the QR code from the new phone to complete the transfer process

The feature bypasses any cloud backups, which can be tedious and limited in storage

The feature is part of WhatsApp’s efforts to improve its cross-device functionality and user experience