Samsung unveils its ultra-wideband chipset Exynos U100

Samsung announced a new brand catering to its short-range wireless communication solutions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ultra-wideband under one roof.

The brand Exynos Connect unveiled its first chipset dubbed Exynos U100 closely named after its competitor Apple's U1 chip, while a similar name seems to not be a coincidence.

Samsung's chip is the solution for precise distance and location information of mobile, automotive, and Internet-of-things(IoT) devices.

Exynos U100 comes with distance measurement capabilities that are accurate to within single-digit centimeters and under five degrees.

Exynos U100 integrates radio frequency, baseband, embedded flash memory, and power management IP making it ideal for use in compact devices.

U100 is equipped with a Scrambled timestamp sequence (STS) function and a secure hardware encryption engine to prevent external hacking.

Exynos U100 has been certified by the FiRa consortium for interoperability with ultra-wideband standards.

Exynos Connect U100 complies with Car Connectivity Consonsortium's Digital key release 3.0.

Smartphones equipped with U100 can securely connect to vehicles by establishing secure communication via a digital key.

There is no official device announced by Samsung equipped with Exynos connect U100 but Samsung will surely make good use of it across broad categories of products.

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