Qualcomm Launches Snapdragon G Series Platforms for Handheld Gaming Consoles


Qualcomm unveils new Snapdragon G series chips for handheld gaming devices

Snapdragon G series offers three tiers: G1, G2, and G3, with different features and performance levels

Snapdragon G1 is designed for fan-less game streaming, both locally and through the cloud

Snapdragon G2 is tailored for full-featured mobile and cloud gaming, with advanced 5G and Wi-Fi 6/6E connectivity

Snapdragon G3 is engineered for superior performance and enthusiast-level features, such as hardware-accelerated ray tracing and game super resolution

Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 Platform is the latest addition to the G3 tier, delivering over 30% improved CPU performance and double the GPU speed compared to its predecessor

Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 Platform also introduces XR glass tethering and low-latency premium Bluetooth audio with the Snapdragon Sound Technology Suite

Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 Handheld Gaming Reference Design is now accessible for select OEMs and ODMs to expedite the release of high-end dedicated gaming devices

Companies like AyaNeo, Huaqin, Inventec, and Thundercomm are partnering with Qualcomm on handheld gaming devices powered by Snapdragon G Series Platforms

Qualcomm aims to bridge the gap between PC and mobile gaming with the Snapdragon G Series Platforms