Huawei Health app discontinued from Google Play Store

Huawei Health app support is no longer available on Google Play Store since the first quarter of April 2023.

Users will now have to download the Huawei Health App from insecure third-party platforms in order to continue usage.

Apart from this, users can also access the Health App by getting the Huawei Health App Gallery.

The app lasted until October 2022 on Play Store, and currently missing from the Google Store.

The last version of the Huawei Health App was released in the year 2020 on Play Store.

The update also doesn't have any support for the latest wearables from the brand Huawei including the Band 7.

Obviously, the outdated version of the app makes no sense to be resumed on the Google Play Store.

Fortunately, the App Gallery variant is up to date and most users of Huawei used to engage themselves there.

However, the Huawei Health app is currently available on Apple's App Store.

Furthermore, the Health App of Huawei is also not removed from Samsung's Galaxy Store until now.

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